Since as far back as I can remember, I've been "the planner". It all started with a "small" sweet 16, then quickly evolved into Sorority Philanthropy events during undergrad, and soon after— all my family & friends weddings.

Now, with hundreds of weddings under my belt, I can confidently say, I have found my niche. As they do say, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life— and right "they" are.


i'm Krissy

As a newly engaged couple, the emotions are flying, everyone’s asking questions, and the excitement for all is - peaking. And for most people, once they’re engaged; they realize, they have no idea where to go from there. That’s where the art of the Coordinator comes into play, and honestly, being there to help from the start - is one of the best moments to share with our clients!

We take great pride in sharing knowledge and providing guidance throughout the process, ensuring all special details are taken care of and considered thoughtfully, as well as making sure my clients feel at ease along the way. 

it's all about


Wedding planning isn’t easy; family isn’t always simple to deal with, money isn’t a fun topic, final decisions aren’t always everyone’s forte. My goal is to keep you always thinking up and onward, with your combined vision as the number 1 priority.

There’s the process, then there’s running the big day. You need to go to the bathroom? We’ll hold your dress. Forgot your vows at home? Remember you emailed them to us, here's a printed copy. Oh, no! I didn’t let the dog out. Not to worry, just sent an assistant to your house to let him out. Need some water? Cold or room temperature? Don’t worry, we got you.
Now, let’s have fun with it.

Partial to Full Planning

Most engaged couples are aware that they need a third party to run the day-of the event, so family and friends aren't running around like chickens. What most do not know, is that the reality of having a day-of coordinator is to walk into the event, knowing little to nothing prior, with zero understanding of the couples' vision - and it's really quite a nightmare

That is where the "1 month out" package comes in, as the most minimal package we offer - Wedding Management is so vital to the process. Our Coordinator enters the process, just in time to become the head liaison for the big day. We have found that at '60 days from the event' is the sweet spot for our team to do our job flawlessly and as our clients envisioned it. When the vendors are all booked, logistics are ready to be thought through by the professionals and our clients get to step back and really enjoy - from then on, until the wedding day. Always Allegra is here to manage the wedding until you say I DO!

"1 month out" Package

Planning isn't an easy feat and as a newly engaged individual, you aren't prepared for all that is going on... the excess of attention you are receiving, the expectations you are getting from all angles, the load you still have at work and the budget you weren't ready to create. Hire the professionals. Only way to make sure the vision you have dreamt about your whole life, actually gets the opportunity to pan out realistically and gracefully. 

We offer Partial & Full Planning Packages; depending on how much the client wants to be involved in the planning process, will determine which package is most suitable. Partial planning entails guidance on the design, budget planning and connecting you with the most suitable vendor referrals. With Full planning, we start from the beginning with assistance finding/booking the Venue, to contracting the Vendors, full design management, and coordination throughout. 

Pick your poision!