Planning. If I am guessing correctly, is the difference between you and I (by you, I am referring to the majority of humans that dislike the big-decision making). I, on other hand -live for it, and that is where my team and I are here to step in. Planning — we tend to know a thing or two on that topic. Within my professional career, I have had the privilege to call some of the most elite Los Angeles event venues, my home: the Ebell of Los Angeles, the Bel-Air Bay Club, and Spago Beverly Hills. These incredible companies have expanded my knowledge and expertise of events over the years. My bandwidth of experience in the hospitality world has been curated through being apart of these top venues, and the incredible clientele that have come through the doors. With hundreds of weddings under my belt, I can confidently say, I have found my niche.

When the hard days of planning and long hours of constant communication are through, I can say that my favorite aspect of my job is becoming family with my clients. Leading them through such a personal, intimate, and unmarked space that can be both scary and exciting, builds a relationship that is truly special. Creating experiences for clients on that intimate level, well, that is my favorite space to be in of all.

They do say, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life— and right "they" are.

meet Ms. Allegra

owner & lead coordinator