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I’ve been blessed to be born into quite the last name. Allegra— a verb in the beautiful Italian language “to be happy” is a clear depiction of what I always strive to be. Someday, I believe I’ll get married and have the choice to change my last name. As I am confident I will decide to, I do know one thing is certain — I’ll always be Allegra.

Life could take me many directions, but one promise to myself is to always strive to be happy - with that, we have
Always Allegra.

Southern California wedding planner

Always Allegra...

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We'd love to hear about the engagement and join the excitement but here are some initial  items to conquer before talking to wedding professionals.

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we recommend opening the conversation to all necessary parties to create a working budget & identify the routes of the financial support; while making the guest list - creating A and B lists.

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Sam & Victor

Working with Krissy and the Always Allegra team was easily the best decision we made throughout our wedding planning process. It is hard to overstate how great she and her team were from start to finish. Krissy is a truly special person with incredible vision, superhuman work ethic, and a clear passion for what she does. Her organization and planning skills are second to none-not a single detail slips by Krissy and it’s amazing how quickly she makes things happen. She’s a great listener, ultra efficient, and her ability to execute is truly unparalleled. She is also incredibly thoughtful, approachable, and FUN to be around-we felt so comfortable with Krissy from Day 1 and instantly knew that we had made the right choice. She made us feel like we were the only people on her entire agenda and we felt beyond taken care of throughout the entire process. Krissy and her team went the extra mile each and every time, accepting nothing less than a perfect outcome. From big picture logistics to the smallest of details, the AAE team nailed every moment and we could not have been happier with the end result. Krissy poured her heart and soul into our wedding, advocated for us every step of the way, and really made us feel like family. Krissy and the AAE team are the best in the business and we cannot imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. Thank you so much for making our big day unforgettable!!

incredible vision, superhuman work ethic, and a clear passion for what she does...

REVIEW NO. 1 of 6

Francine & Dan

Within the first few minutes of our first chat, I knew I could COMPLETELY trust her to plan our wedding, which is saying a lot with my own neurotic personality. With my hectic schedule, I needed someone that I could trust from start to the big day. I honestly couldn’t imagine my wedding planning process without her not only ensuring that we were on schedule and within our budget, but also that we were having fun along the way. Krissy has too many good qualities to name that make her an amazing wedding planner. Throughout the process she was super responsive, getting back to me as fast as humanly possible regardless of the time of day…I don’t know if she ever sleeps. In addition to being extremely well organized, she is also SUPER creative! She had tons of ideas to make our wedding as unique as possible with personal touches. Krissy makes you feel the way you want to as a bride, special, and that your wedding is going to be as unique and brilliant as you are as an individual. Finally, she is sure to make your wedding day as fun and stress free as possible! I HIGHLY recommend Krissy to anyone looking for the BEST wedding planner in SoCal!"

Krissy was simply THE BEST!!!

REVIEW NO. 2 of 6

Angelica + Rick

Krissy and the AAE team truly takes care of you and takes the time to understand your needs and dreams. They did an amazing job at effectively coordinating the day with a positive attitude. Constantly checking in throughout the day to ensure you and your family/wedding party are doing okay. If there were any issues the day of, I didn’t hear of them because Krissy was quick to the task. She overall just makes you feel loved and cared for on your wedding day!! My family even came up to me to tell me how wonderful she was. Krissy literally saved my sanity. She stepped in on situations, I emotionally couldn’t handle anymore and it meant the world to me. She was born for this job - a coordinating queen with a heart of gold."


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Shir & Billy

Krissy Allegra is hands down one of the most talented, thoughtful, patient, creative human my husband and I have ever met. Krissy single handedly took an idea and made it a reality which was our wedding. For the last year we watched Krissy build our dream wedding which surpassed anything we could have ever imagined. She introduced us to talented and unique vendors, walked us through every single step leading up to our big day, answered all of our questions, fixed any problems before we even knew about them, and even surprised us with the most incredible, personal gift that we get to keep forever. During the actual wedding there was not a single detail lost. She anticipated every moment and made sure we did too. To say Krissy went above and beyond is an understatement. I always joked with her "I hope we're your favorite couple!!!" but deep down I know this is how she treats all of her clients - with the most genuine attention and care. If you are planning a wedding, or any event at all - the biggest gift you can ask for is one Krissy Allegra. There is simply no one like her. She might even show up at your door at the end of the night with fast food ;)

You must work with her!

REVIEW NO. 4 of 6

Nicole & Michael

AAE was the best decision we made for our wedding. Krissy knew what I needed before I knew what I needed (which for a stressed out bride was the most important)! She was constantly available for every single thing I needed and had the best recommendations and went through hell and back to help me find solutions for every little thing. She made our day so amazing and was constantly checking in and can handle any and all personalities :)
She is an absolute professional and knows how to make magic happen. Krissy and her team are without a doubt the best in the business. We are so grateful for all the hard work Krissy put in to making our day so special. I wish I could just put her in my pocket and carry her around with me!! We adore her."

Krissy our angel!!

REVIEW NO. 5 of 6

Ashley & Brian

 There will never enough words to describe how much Krissy means to us and all that she did to make our wedding day the best day of our lives! From the moment we hired Krissy, she made us feel taken care of and it didn't take us long to realize just how exceptional this planning process would be because of her. She treats each client like they are her only client (when in reality she is incredibly sought after)! Her attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to make everyone feel important is unparalleled. Krissy shares an equal amount of joy in your day and it reflects in her ability to make each event and wedding so unbelievably unique and special. I have a very type-A personality and because of Krissy, I was able to be fully present on my wedding day and enjoy every moment. I never questioned anything and trusted her fully. There is a reason that so many people work with Krissy and never turn to anyone else to plan an event again! She is our girl for life. We love you Krissy!!! Thank you for everything.

their attention to detail, professionalism & ability to make everyone feel important...

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