This wedding was such a deeply personal experience for me on every level.  The bride, Ashley and I have been friends since we were 14 years old.  I can still remember the first time I was invited over to her parents house, and in Ashley fashion – we did a photoshoot.  Years later, she would launch an incredibly successful photography business… I like to think that our photoshoot was the first of Ashley Burns Photography — to go “live”.

Since high school we had a shared dream; with mutual support, geared motivation, and plan to be industry professionals in the same realm. Her in photography, and mine within event planning.  How fortunate to be in this shared space together, moving alongside one another as we each built our own businesses and brand from the ground up. It’s been a journey, but having a friend with you through the growth, changes, and adulting– has been so special.  

When Ash asked if I would plan her wedding, I was completely honored.  It was a surreal experience planning and creating not only for a friend, but for an industry professional. The standards are high, the bar needed to be raised.

The planning process really was a team effort in the best of ways; with Brian quietly sharing his thoughts and opinions throughout (we LOVE when grooms share opinions – they are always welcomed!).  OH AND A BRIAN MOMENT – Brian is the sweetest and kindest of souls, I was so lucky to have this experience with not only my friend and fellow “work-wife” but with Brian, her other half, as well.  Getting to know them both on such a deeper level through this process, was truly such a reward.

What first started out as an intimate evening for 30 guests, evolved into 80 guests – throughout the COVID evolutions and planning journey together. And the day, what a magical December day it was. Ashley looked stunning and was a calm, happy butterfly; all her hand-picked vendors from the industry, came together with a collective “WE GOT CHUUU” energy, working alongside each other, to ensure it was a seamless wedding day – making sure Ashley and Brian’s wedding visions came to life.

I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding day for these two and couldn’t be more grateful to have been on this journey with my friend and fellow work-wife, and her amazing husband. TO THE KAVINS!


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