My first impression of Ben and Taylor was that they were the cutest things ever.  From our first conversation, I couldn’t wait to get to know them more.  Not only did we immediately click, but also bonded right away over our upcoming trips to Costa Rica (mine for adventure, and theirs for their honeymoon).   I was thrilled when they booked me for multiple events (in addition to their wedding, I also planned/coordinated Taylor’s bridal shower and the rehearsal dinner), which gave me the opportunity to jump right into their love story.

Ben and Taylor’s story is the perfect plot to a romcom blockbuster, picture it:  New York City, New Year’s Day, two extremely cute people swipe right, and set a date.  This date turns out to be love at first sight, and the next thing they knew they were setting another date… THE date at the beautiful Bel-Air Bay Club in Pacific Palisades, CA.

Having also been booked to create menus and signage for the wedding and all weekend events, not only created a beautiful cohesion, but also really engulfed me in every aspect, I loved it!  Being on the journey for all the milestones of a wedding weekend is my favorite and 100% recommended as it not only brings me closer to the couple but also to their friends and family too.   Ben and Taylor’s guests flew in from all over the country for their President’s Day weekend wedding celebration, and what a fun group it was!  Each event that weekend was filled with so much joy for the happy couple.

Their wedding day was gorgeous, with their pure, true love shining through in every way.  Their first look was memorable beyond words, bringing Ben to tears with Taylor’s beauty both inside and out.  They also chose to write their own vows which were individually incredible and brought the attendees to the happiest of tears.  Another highlight was a secret viewing of their reception room and private first dance surrounded by their blooming florals and twinkling lights; thinking about their first dance as husband and wife still gives me chills.   I LOVE to arrange this for couples if we have time (usually depending on the photo schedule), as experiencing your reception as an intimate moment before welcoming guests, creates a personal space within the party atmosphere that stays all night long.

Ben and Taylor’s wedding was beyond meaningful and truly a blast: I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a dance floor pop-off more than theirs!   I loved being a part of their story, and after our planning for their spectacular wedding (and for Costa Rica too!), I love feeling a part of their family.  Congrats to the happy couple, and cheers to a wedding weekend for us all to remember for a lifetime.


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