As a newly engaged couple, you are experiencing flying emotions, a barrage of questions, and incredible excitement… as expected, most couples have no idea where to go from there, and that’s where the art of a planner comes into play!
And honestly, we want nothing more than to be there from the start of this exciting journey.



We take great pride in sharing our knowledge and providing guidance to our couples throughout the planning process; ensuring with ease that all special details are taken care of and considered--

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Wedding planning isn’t easy; families aren't always simple, money isn’t a fun topic, and making confident decisions -- aren’t everyone’s forte. Our goal is to keep you always thinking upward and onward,  choosing wisely by your budget's standpoint, with your vision as my number one priority. We are with you from the process of planning your big day to running the show.

You need to go to the bathroom? We’ll hold your dress. Forgot your vows at home? Remember you emailed them to us, here's a printed copy. Oh, no! I didn’t let the dog out. Not to worry, just sent an assistant to your house to let him out. Need some water? Cold or room temperature? Don’t worry, we got you.

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Full planning is the right amount of guidance and hours to bring your event from the ground up. With budget management to design, we are here to help you create pieces into perfection.




Partial planning is for the visionary who wants to be a part of the decision-making yet seeks a professional to offer guidance and tie up the all the little details in a nice bow.

Bringing Your Vision to Life



Curating the overall “look” of your wedding, bringing an inspired cohesive design to your floral colors, rentals, signage, and stationary. 

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Partial Planning




Full Planning



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I live in Florida and my son was getting married in LA. Because so many of the guests were coming from the east coast we wanted to do something special and iconic for the welcome party. Thru Krissy, we were able to secure the Carousel Building on the Santa Monica Pier at sundown the night before the wedding for the event. Krissy not only was able to cut thru all the red tape but she was able to handle all of Santa Monica's insurance, Security and Covid requirements.

Since all that was in the building was the carousel, Krissy had to arrange for everything to be brought in from out side vendors. And she did it on a very busy Saturday!. The food, the decorations and entertainment all surpassed our expectations. Krissy and her team efficiently and professionally prepared the space in less than an hour.

The party was EXCEPTIONAL! Many guests, both from the East coast and the LA area have told us it was one of the best functions that they had ever been too. She was on top of every detail and made it very easy for us. We were able to enjoy the party without having to worry about any of the details. Krissy also added several special things to the plans which made it that much more personalized. And she stayed under the budget, which I had given her months before. I recommend Krissy and her team as planners for any party or function you may be planning,. I know if I have any other event to do in the LA area, Krissy will be my first call. Thank you Krissy for a great party and assembling a group of great vendors and staff that made the night special and something we will never forget."

"the welcome party was EXCEPTIONAL...

Kathy Engasser

Where does one begin? When Krissy of Always Allegra came on boad for my daughter's wedding. It was simply that, for my daughter's, single-day wedding. As specks evolved and needs of the event changed, we went from partial planning to full planning, and from one event to the entirety of the weekend -- they planed every moment from Thursday through Sunday.

We added a hotel buyout to the mix, Welcome Bags for all guests, Cocktail Party at the Hotel Buyout Thursday Nigh, Beach Day for all guests, Rehearsal Dinner for a select few, Welcome Drinks for all, Wedding Day - and all the magic that turned out to be, and Sunday Post-Farewell Brunch. Our details multiplied yet always remained with purpose and consistency, budget managing became for me - to be impossible, but Krissy and her team always had a ready to go excel sheet per day, with what card was used, totals per item, and descriptions to remind us.

Every event went flawlessly, all guests were communicated with properly, everyone knew where to be and how they were getting there. There was truly no worries in the world throughout that weekend, and even better, throughout the planning. Krissy always made us feel heard and that each item we threw her way, was taken care of. We were truly able to enjoy and be present during every moment of the weekend - as we were fully supported by a trusted team of professionals. Can't say it enough - how wonderful the care, detail, attention and personable the AAE team treated this weekend as they lived in it with us. Our best investment in this process, and so happy we chose wisely. A truly magical weekend, thanks to the Always Allegra team."

Our BEST investment.

David Kantor

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Wedding Collections begin at $9,000 for Partial Planning Services.

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