Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Fall 2011… my “big sis” in the sorority world, told me about this guy she had a bit of a crush on. So in typical Krissy fashion, I immediately took it upon myself to grab her phone, call him up, briefly introduced myself, and let him know that Emily and I would be coming down to San Diego promptly the following day for a visit. The weekend consisted of a Matt and Kim concert, Hat Saturday, and ended with the three of us cuddling in Kyle’s queen-sized bed. Seven years later, I was able to assist my best friend in creating the wedding day of her dreams.  

Emily and Kyle went through schooling together in Elk Grove, CA, but it wasn’t until many years later, nearing the end of college when they finally saw each other through a new lens. After more than seven years in the making, on September 15, 2018, we were all in the presence of watching their fairy tale ending – or should I say, beginning?

Our little ‘Jackie O’ looked stunning and timeless in her simple yet elegant strapless gown and sweetheart neckline. The sweet couple exchanged such vulnerable and touching vows. It was moving to see, so apparently, what a deep connection they share – we were all in awe of how much of a romantic our Kyle turned out to be! The reception was complete with chic gold accents, handsome green and white floral arrangements, excited giggles and happy tears, and stacks of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, because, why not?! The entire weekend was perfect, through and through. Each and every detail was executed with such love and grace, so much so, that it appeared effortless. It was such an elegant affair for our two love birds, and it was an honor and a privilege to help plan their special day. Every moment was very… Murphy. #MeanttobeMurphy


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