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The Los Angeles Marathon 2020; last 26 miles at age 26 The Los Angeles Marathon, which was my third marathon, was one for the books. After completing the Kaua’i Marathon over Labor Day weekend, I was feeling extremely defeated. That marathon was tough for me in more ways than one, and it challenged me in […]

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I’ve been blessed to be born into quite the last name. Allegra— a verb in the beautiful Italian language “to be happy” is a clear depiction of what I always strive to be. Someday, I believe I’ll get married and have the choice to change my last name. As I am confident I will decide to, I do know one thing is certain — I’ll always be Allegra.

Life could take me many directions, but one promise to myself is to always strive to be happy - with that, we have
Always Allegra.

Southern California wedding planner

Always Allegra...

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