“Someone Actually Married My Brother”

So here we have it, someone did it. Someone actually married my brother.  
On a beautiful Friday in June, 83 friends and family traveled to beautiful Cabo San Lucas to celebrate, drink, and be very very merry. There is an element of novelty associated with being at a faraway destination with your closest friends and family, celebrating a love you all believe in. All weddings are special, but destinations have such a sparkle to them. I always say everyone is their best self on vacation. So, mix “vacation you” with “wedding guest you”, and now we are looking at the best kind of guests running wild. We all had SO much fun this week. I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration for these two travel bugs. 

Find my “Best Woman” speech below:

Up until just a few days ago, my only idea for this speech was just stand up here, and begin to genuinely cry, and just spit out the words, “I cannot believe someone is actually marrying my brother”. I guess it’s not as funny as I thought. I also would like to throw the disclaimer out there that all my friends agreed that if I cry while saying this speech, it’s because of Kelly and has nothing to do with Mike. 

I will never forget hearing about Kelly for the first time. She sounded wonderful on her resume and she immediately won over the majority of the family. But, she still had to meet me – big bad little sister Krissy, which has been confirmed by both Megan and Kelly, to be quite an intimidating feat. “Who was this doctor lady that was going to swoop in and steal my concert buddy from me, and take away my Southwest Companion Pass Privileges? Is this girl really ready for the 3 am wake-up call to set up the USC tailgate?” I asked myself. I was ready to put up a damn good fight to protect my brother. It didn’t take more than the initial smile and contagious Kelly giggle, as well as seeing how careful Mike was with her, to know she was the one that would take my brother’s heart. It was truly “love at first wine tasting” for her and me. 

There are not many humans that could survive an Allegra trip throughout Italy with us, and that’s how I knew she was something special. I can say I have dreamt about my brother finding the “right person”, and he sure knocked it out of the park on this one. My new sister exceeds those expectations by a landslide. 

Everyone always has such ideas on how we should fall in love – falling in love with your high school sweetheart, meeting someone at college in a new setting, or working on yourself and letting love come later. As there is no right or wrong, I truly believe that the cards were aligned for Mike and Kelly, with both life’s timing and the individual independence each has established. This is what makes me fully believe in what they have. 

Mike enjoys his cleanliness and happily does their laundry. Kelly saves lives. Kelly would like to make the impulse decisions, but Mike makes her think it thoroughly first. Mike enjoys pool parties. Kelly was hesitant at first, but is now the one that is begging not to leave the pool. Mike always follows travel blogs, and together, the two of them are traveling the world, taking on one Airport Lounge at a time. 

As I sit here and think of their traits, both individually and together, there isn’t one characteristic that overpowers another. There isn’t one characteristic that makes me hesitant about them, hoping they “figure it out”. As one, they have figured this whole thing out – both being patient, willing to listen, and so deeply in love. It is widely seen from every angle and universally known by all of us. 

Mike, I can say it again and again – I never thought I’d be standing here today. But here we are, in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, celebrating the two of you and what you’ve created in such a short amount of time. 

Let’s all raise a glass to my brother and sister. May you both have a lifetime filled with Kelly’s giggles, direct flights, and all the treasures life has to offer, together as one. Cheers to the latest Mr. and Mrs. Allegra! 


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