April 15, 2020

Kaua’i Marathon #2

“Let’s do a marathon in Hawaii!” – I said

“It’ll be fun!” – I said

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I have just returned from my five day Hawaii getaway, which included a quick little tropical marathon for me. I have been stirring for sometime what my next marathon would be. In early July, I made the commitment to make the Kaua’i Marathon, my second; although this didn’t give me a ton of time to train and be ready. Luckily, I am more than half way there at all times. I have been consistent on my workouts since well before the LA Marathon in March; so with just some additional long runs included, I wasn’t too worried on being ready for Kaua’i in the shorter training period I allowed myself. 

I picked this specific marathon because my Fall working schedule is bananas, and now understanding how the “rest” part goes post-event, I knew I needed a week’s cushion after to be a normal being again. Training through summer was a lot better than expected; summer over here on the Westside of Los Angeles, hasn’t really hit us with the hot streak until this past week. My real fears with this one was training the hills. I found myself running a hiking train once a week after work; 2 miles of straight incline up, then I would run down as well, the 2 miles. Felt confident on this training method, until I saw a snake one day….. then I gave up the hiking trail idea. Indoor Cycling really was the saving grace, and my preferred method to add some resistance and hill training into the mix. 

While running I knew I wasn’t going to surpass some amazing time, I really tried to remind myself (during the run) to enjoy the views and not get caught up in the pain. Surprisingly, I did as good of a job as I could with this. Since it was pouring so badly for 12 miles straight, I locked my phone and watch away in my belt pouch to avoid water damage. With this, for the first time ever on a run, I didn’t have music. Listening to the sound of the rain, the roosters and my breath was quite the trifecta. 

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