April 15, 2020

How Running Found Me

running” into myself

In 2018, I ran 3 half marathons. Not to say that I just got off the couch and started running one day; at this point, I took a lot of indoor cycling classes and haven’t really went on a jog since High School soccer. Event then, my teammates were well aware that Krissy didn’t care for running.

It was on one random evening that I had an itch for a run, I left the house and didn’t come back until I completed 7 miles. It was that day, paired with a breakup, that I decided I would run a half marathon 9 days later. I finished that half marathon (13.1 miles), this little race I found in local Santa Monica; and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Definitely not “trained” appropriately, being that 9 days prior I made that decision – but I really felt the energy of racing and doing something for myself. This first half marathon in May 2018, quickly evolved into training for a second, July 4, 2018. This half, I was even faster than my last, and before I knew it, a third half was on the calendar.

The Ventura Marathon was my 3rd, October 2018, in which I created a bit of a training schedule this time around and exceeded all expectations. I believe I was around an hour and 43 minutes which is comparable to a sub 4 marathon time. Before the Ventura Half, I truly had no desire to run a full. 13 seemed to be enough of a challenge, enough running to where I still fond of the sport by the time I finished. 26 miles sounded both ridiculous and also unbearable. After ending that Half in October, I immediately said I would sign up for the LA Marathon that coming March. Something just clicked in my head and it became all I wanted.

People ask me all the time, how I started running. And the answer is in the story above. I itched to run, which has genuinely never happened prior, left my apartment and didn’t come back until I ran 7 and felt GREAT. I have to admit that going through a breakup at the start of my running career, primarily became the major release I found, and truthfully kick-started the obsession. Studies say, running can lead to better quality sleep, which can quickly transform mood, emotions, and mental health. Oh how the scientists go that one right. Personally, I am the first to acknowledge how I manage my stress, frustrations and anxiety with running. I know it’s not for everything,

but man, let me tell you… I am beyond grateful that running found me

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