April 15, 2020

Lindsey + Christopher

Ready for a funny story? Ok. I’ll tell you.

5ish years ago, working for Taryn Leach (the best) she sent me to run a Engagement Party. With not many instructions, I was moreso the anxiety relief for the mother that was putting this altogether. All vendors were hired; I was just making sure everything arrived and it was aesthetically pleasing. I left before the couple and the guests arrived to the Engagement Party; and that was the end of that story.

Months later, I received a random call from a friend of a friend of a friend, someone I’ve never met, asking me to coordinator her wedding. We set up a coffee date for weeks later, to just meet, talk, discuss the vision, etc. She hired me and a few months later, we did the big walk through with all the vendors at the venue. We get to the venue, everyone is greeting eachother and I see Roxanna– the mom from the Engagement Party, and we just stare at each other and say “hi?”. Putting 2 and 2 together, I organized their engagement party months prior and the connection for hiring me for the wedding, was just another friend/word of mouth from Santa Clarita. SMALL WORLD!

Anyways, Lindsay and Christopher were everything! They were the first couple I felt were a “random client” and didn’t come as a direct friend. They had such a vision, through and through the wedding panned out to be exactly them. Lindsay and her ideas, let me tell you. The alpaca was curated from the engagement; how could Christopher say no? They were such a joy, so much happiness and love between the two of them, they are contagious. 

Since their wedding, we have maintained quite a lovely friendship over the years; they now have 2 beautiful girls. 

Love my Mr + Mrs Zibach!

Vendor Team:

  • Venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch – Sitting Bull
  • Photography: The Shalom Imaginative
  • Videography: Brian Rovanpera
  • Florals: Finch Florals
  • Entertainment: RedShoeLA
  • Catering: Peaches Truck
  • Rentals: A Rental Connection
  • Alpaca: Reptacular Animals
  • Dessert: Cakegoodness
  • Dessert: Porch Pies
  • PhotoBooth: Hollywood PhotoBooth

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