Ready for a funny story? Okay. I’ll tell you!

I was working for Taryn Leach (the best) about five years ago. She had sent me to run an engagement party, and she had sent me without much instruction. I had two primary responsibilities. The first, and most important, was to provide anxiety relief to the mother that was pulling this event together. The second was to make sure everything arrived on time and ensure that everything was aesthetically pleasing. I left before the couple and the guests arrived at the engagement party, and seemingly, that was the end of that story.

Months later, I received a random call from a friend of a friend of a friend, someone I’ve never met, asking me to coordinator her wedding. We set up a coffee date for a few weeks later to just meet, talk, discuss their vision, etc. She hired me, and a few months later and we did the big walk-through with all the vendors at the venue. We arrive at the venue, everyone is greeting each other, and I see Roxanna – the mom from the engagement party, and we just stare at each other and said, “Hi?”. After putting two and two together, I realized that I had organized their engagement party months prior, and the connection for hiring me for the wedding, was just another word of mouth from Santa Clarita. WHAT A SMALL WORLD!

Anyways, Lindsay and Christopher were everything! They were the first couple I felt were a “random client” and didn’t come as a direct friend. They had such a vision, through and through the wedding panned out to be exactly them. Lindsay and her ideas, let me tell you. The alpaca was curated from the engagement; how could Christopher say no? They were such a joy! There is clearly so much happiness and love between the two of them – their spirits are contagious. 

Since their wedding, we have maintained quite a lovely friendship over the years – they now have two beautiful little girls! 

I love my Mr & Mrs Zibach!

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