Lauren and Patrick’s wedding at Triunfo Creek in Agoura Hills, CA was the sentimental and special day we had all been waiting for. Lauren and Patrick are high school sweethearts, and had been together for ten years before deciding to tie the knot! Also, I will say that this day was all the more memorable and personal for me because I knew both Lauren and Patrick throughout high school, and was able to watch their relationship blossom and evolve. It has been thrilling to witness the beautiful life they have created for themselves. 

As you can see, the sweet couple went minimal and simple with their wedding day style, which added an elegant and sophisticated quality to the day. Each detail spoke volumes – from the “P & L” marquee lettered sign, to the vertical hanging string lights in the towering oak trees, to the burst of colorful confetti when the couple gleefully proclaimed, “I do!” 

I think what blew me away most about this wedding day and these two families coming together, was the unbelievable amount of love and support they all gave each other. Lauren’s parents were at every wedding meeting. They both were so attentive and willing to help every step of the way in any way they could. I watched Lauren and her dad’s first look, and he cried. Honestly, it was something I will never forget. He was so full of love, such a family man, and so deeply proud of Lauren and Pat. 

Hands down, my most favorite aspect of the day was the song that was played in honor and memory of Pat’s father who had passed away a few years earlier. Everyone came up to the dance floor and danced together, as a fun and emotional way to include him in their wedding day. I had never seen anything like it before. It was incredibly moving. 

Pat played baseball in college at UCLA and went on to become a professional baseball player (he currently plays for the Baltimore Orioles). I have always been so inspired by Pat’s hard work and dedication to his craft and I have envied Lauren’s consistent dedication and belief in Pat. She has always adapted to Patrick’s busy and travel-heavy lifestyle. Lauren and Pat are currently living in Washington DC and are flourishing both individually and collectively. They now have two beautiful little girls who also tag along on all of their parents’ baseball-related adventures. 


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