Do you really need a wedding coordinator? The short answer? Well, YES. Absolutely. 

The longer answer? This is a topic that should not be sugarcoated. A wedding coordinator is a crucial and essential part of not only the wedding day but the entire wedding process. So no, we’re not talking about just a “day of” coordinator. But you want your loved ones to fully enjoy the day, rather than stress through the entire wedding day, and have that be their lasting memory of their experience. “Did the cake arrive? Who sends out the marriage license? Who’s in charge of picking up the trash and clearing plates? When do the shuttles come back at the end of the night?” A coordinator takes care of the logistical planning, scheduling, educated timing, event designing, professional consulting, and ensures that everything is accounted for ahead of time and nothing is missed. They make the day more cohesive and less disjointed. A “day of” coordinator cannot simply arrive on the day-of the wedding to fully understand the couple’s vision and expectations AND carry it out exactly how the clients imagined. It’s a disaster waiting to happen. 

It’s a common misconception that a wedding planner throws your budget way out of wack. It’s actually the other way around. A wedding coordinator is knowledgeable about all the ways you can save money based on what you are trying to do. They can manage your budget and negotiate costs with vendors, while also only putting quality vendors in front of your path. They can recommend more affordable vendors in your area or perhaps suggest a linen tablecloth option that looks just as elegant but is half the cost. Essentially, they will help you get the most bang for your buck because they are educated enough in this field to do so!

Do you work full time? Most likely. Do you have time to sit down for hours Google searching for the best photographer in your area? The best staffing agency? The most recommended florist? Probably not. Wedding planning is basically a full-time job in itself. Life is already hectic and crazy. Throw fully coordinating a wedding into the mix, and it can take the fun out of the excitement of getting married. 

On social media, we often see the same ideas executed over and over again. A wedding coordinator can offer a fresh perspective on how to accomplish a part of your plan that you might never have thought of, considered, or even knew existed. You might end up loving it more and saving money, too! Also, remember, they do this for a living. They most likely have seen it all. Did you wake up the morning of your wedding with a zit in the absolute center of your forehead? Did you slip into your dress on the morning of your wedding day, only to have the zipper break? Rise and shine! Wait no, it’s raining, and your reception will be outdoors, but you don’t have a tent for your guests. If you run into problems the day of, they probably have experienced it already.  They know the right calls to make, to ensure this goes off without a hitch.

We all know weddings are not cheap. We all want the money we spend on them to be spent wisely. We want the day to be magical, stress-free, enjoyable, and memorable. A wedding coordinator will ensure that your day will be stress-free, unforgettable, and that vision becomes a reality.


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