How to decide between a sweetheart table vs a head table?

When considering everything else that comes with a wedding, solidifying where you sit and who you sit with, feels a lot more daunting than it should. To be proper with the lingo, a sweetheart table is for just the newlyweds. A special spot in the room for all eyes to be on during the reception. A head table is an arrangement where the newlyweds sit with their favorable family & friends- commonly associated with the bridal party at the table.

Sweetheart Table: A sweetheart table can potentially seem like a lot for the type of couple that’s already cringing over this excess of attention they’ll be receiving on their day. Realistically, you are only sitting for 45 minutes in total. You are eating for maybe 15-20 minutes. The rest of the time you are moving around, greeting familiar faces, and making your rounds. This means you are seated for the time you need to eat and for the time you listen to the speeches. BUT hear me out! You can make your sweetheart table as minimal or as extravagant as you’d like.
So what are the benefits of a sweetheart table?

  • Table for 2: First and foremost, with love alive and in the air, you get to sit and share an intimate moment with your new wifey or hubby! 
  • Photo Op: Not only can it work as a small getaway from the buzz and excitement, but it’s also a great photo-op. You will get to look back on photos of the two of you reacting to speeches (both laughs and tears) or maybe sharing a sweet newlywed kiss.
  • Dress Up the Focal Point You will get to decorate it however you want – all the flowers, photos, inside jokes, colors, and decorations you want. The sky is the limit! It can also serve as a beautiful focal point of your reception.

What are the benefits to a head table?

  • Surround Yourself: You get to sit with your best pals and family – let the love flow thoroughly!
  • Introverts, where you at? If you fall on the more introverted side of the spectrum, this might work better for you. It doesn’t feel as much like “all eyes on you” and isolating like a sweetheart arrangement could feel.

Here’s one you might not have considered! For those with more traditional families, family members may be offended that you’d prefer to sit by yourselves instead of including everyone.

Here’s the thing – there’s no right or wrong answer here! There are so many ways to make where you sit look beautiful. What matters is you are both comfortable and happy on YOUR special day!


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