A ‘frequently asked questioned’ we receive from our brides…

“We are having a plated entrée for dinner and the venue is requesting us to have ‘meal indications’ displayed on the table to state what guests previously ordered and will be eating… what should we do?”

Listen closely because WE GOT YOU! 

Meal indicators are a vital piece of the process the evening of your event – and need to be known ahead of time. Why may you ask? Because the catering company or Venue’s Kitchen Staff are not able to order the food in a timely manner if the guest counts are not solidified by 10 – 14 days in advance. Keep in mind that the food needs to be ordered about a week out and it takes days before the celebration to prep/ clean/ cut/ bake. Theses caterers are prepping for large quantities, and don’t carry many extras in the back. They shop, prepare, and cook just for YOUR event. 

Once the big day arrives, the waiters walk out to the reception floor and study their designated tables; making sure they are aware and know ahead of time of what guests ordered, where they will be sitting, and are ready to best serve their tables. When the waiters notate the meal indications on either the guest’s menu or name card – they now know where the guests will be sitting, how many of each entrées at the table they’re serving and where the guests are that have special dietary restrictions. 

There’s a reason WHY they’re needed. Let’s talk about some ideas on fun ways to curate an indication for your menus and/ or name cards. 

  • Stickers of the animal or letter of the protein 
    • Example: COW=Beef, B=Beef
  • Menus to have color code:
    • Example: Green color on the menu top = Beef 
      • The cards can be different shades of your color palette, the font colors on the cards could also be different. Make sure that these are noticeable differences to any pair of eyes!
  • Menus to have tag with guests’ name, tag color represents the protein type 
    • Example: Pink tag says ‘Lauren’, Dark pink tag = Beef 

There are so many ways to make pretty identification markers!  These are just a few – let’s get creative! 


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