August 30, 2021 – an inquiry came through to Always Allegra Events titled “my wedding is a shitstorm”. I read the title and immediately just called the number associated with the inquiry – Mel picks up and gasps “I’m so glad you called – I need you!” At this given point, I do not know this human, nor do I know what date we are referring to.

Within the first few minutes talking on the phone, we got to the bottom of the basics. She needs me. I am available. Yes I have events the 2 days before. and Yes, I will fix this. Within the next 24 hours, I ran over to Mel & Brian’s house – met them, heard about what was going on, sat with them, read the contracts, listened to what the vision was intended to be and troubleshooted to get them to the goal. 2 hours later when I had to run out for my next meeting, we had a timeline, insurance for them and all vendors, a floral mockup scheduled, got a customized champagne wall finalized, scheduled calls with all vendors individually, ordered them a cake / dessert tasting (which was delivered to their doorstep days later), signage brewing, curated a timeline for the day – and I’d say, we were in damn good shape.

What started from the fastest booking of my career, and essentially the first time I’ve ever “flipped” a wedding – turned out to be one phenomenal event through and through. I met two of the coolest humans from this process, who had quite the vision and honestly, wanted nothing more than to curate an experience for their guests they would never forget. Talk about selfless.

Fast forwarding to the wedding day which, MAY I MIND YOU, was 18 days later – there were a few dozen staff working to bring this vision into fruition. Multiple rental companies over the grounds, the florist team working hard, the venue staff managing all square footage that we were running all over.

Of the very special touches these two envisioned, there was: Brian’s car was able to be parked on the tarmac, the floral design by Butterfly Florals was a customized structure that was beyond breathtaking, Mel’s fun signage and personalized moments were a hit. Just after the ceremony finished, Mel & Brian went up in a helicopter and when they landed, all guests were lined on the tarmac to welcome them back with sparklers in hand while Beyonce & Jay-Z’s “Lift Off” was playing. A detailed dessert assortment was displayed and everyone’s favorite In-N-Out Semi Truck made an appearance at the end of the evening. I told you, they had a vision! (I’m getting CHILLS by writing this).

Every detail and decision was made to make their guests feel so loved, gratitude for their support, and it all contributed to a night everyone would never forget.

It all came to life. 18 days from conception – the vision the Brian & Mel had been dreaming about for some time was able to be shared and enjoyed fully. The stress wiped away and the reality of this day was in their hands. 

I am so beyond thankful to have been apart of the process with Mel & Brian. They were truly such a gift; their appreciation for their community, their love for one another and their hearts are 10 sizes too big. I wish I was apart of their journey to “I DO” sooner but 19 days was all we needed. An expedited process and a power couple, I am so blessed to have met and seen through.

Cheers to the Holifields,


Coordinating: @alwaysallegra_
Floral Design: @Butterflyfloral
Photography: @nolafontanezphotography
Videography: @jayandmackfilms
Venue: @hangar21venue
Catering: @jayscatering
In N Out: @innout
Rentals: @tacerlosangeles
Marquee Letters & Champagne Wall: @lovethiswayla
DJ: @dj.grade.a
Cake and Dessert Assortment: @Trishas_Treats
Bridal Hair: @rosalyn_hamm_hair
Bridal Makeup: @martineleblanc_
Dress: @galialahav @glbrides
Tux: @phenom_los_angeles
Acrylic Bar Sign: @midnightconfetti
Brides Shoes: @jimmychoo
Groom Shoes: @taftBride
Bride’s Earrings: @dylanlex
Client’s Instagram Handles are:


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