Bree & Scott


Whiskey Reds

Marina Del Rey, California

I was lucky enough for Bree to find me through Facebook Marketplace: a comment and a tag was all it took… and Bree gave me a ring and we were booked in minutes! When I say that Bree is easy-going, I mean like, I didn’t even meet she or Scott until our final walkthrough. Everything was just working, just jelling together in the most unbelievable way, that we never really had a reason to meet otherwise. A first for me as a wedding planner!

I learned much about Bree and Scott throughout the course of planning, with the true highlight being their love for each other (needless to say, these two were meant to be), and their unmatched warmth and genuineness. It was easy to see why they are so loved by their family and friends.

I received a call from the Best Man the week of the wedding: he was plotting an elaborate speech to tell Bree and Scott’s story including traits, both separate, and as one. He enlarged a photo of Barbie and Ken, cut each of them into pieces, and hid a piece under each table at the reception. As each table was called, and guests began putting the pieces together, he told stories and reasonings behind each of them, until the puzzle was complete and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

To say this couple is special is an understatement. I loved getting to know them, each of their amazing families, and their wide circle of friends. I deeply enjoyed being a part of their journey


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