In January 2021, when my business officially gained her legs (yes, she’s a lady) I met Megan and her mother, Allison via Zoom to discuss future wedding coordinating services.  They were on the cusp of booking a gorgeous venue in San Luis Obispo and excited to start planning all the details.  Shortly after our call, they followed up to let me know their venue which they booked, came with an exclusive coordinator.  After checking their contract (to make sure they were covered, as I have seen time and time again – these don’t always pan out that way), I confirmed that the package offering from the Venue/their Direct Coordination Company, had everything they needed and was the complete package. From there, I sent lots of love / luck as we went our separate ways (SO DRAMATIC I AM, BUT JUST WAIT).

By chance, I ran into Allison in July 2021 at a wedding in Sacramento.  Funny enough, the past client that referred her, had another daughter getting married, that – yes, I was currently coordinating (shocking, I’m aware!). She approached me by reminding her how we met prior, which took me a matter of two seconds to connect her to the little square window where I last saw her 6 months prior, on Zoom. It had been great to see her again, and a few days later I reached out via email to check-in on their planning process and to send a little ‘thinking of you’ Megan and ‘nice to see you’ Alison note.  It turns out that Megan had just taken on a bigger role with work and needed more support in the planning arena on a more local level.  I happily signed on to help and to manage this ever-growing wedding planning to-do list.

With the venue-provided coordinator taking the lead (running all logistics, communicating with vendors), I was in the interesting place of 2nd Coordinator, which considering the mountain of details coupled with Megan’s busy work life, this was beyond needed. I won’t lie – there were many times that splitting the big picture seemed like a pretty interesting feat, but the closer we got to the wedding, the more clear our roles each became (between the other coordinator and I).

Throughout the course of planning, I fell in love with Megan and Kyle, and how they came to be – their love story explains so much about who they are individually and separately .  During their 12-year relationship, they had not only established themselves as individuals – as blossoming professionals, as caring siblings, and as great friends to all; but had grown stronger together, resulting in the most admirable love of all. 12 years is quite a long time to grow with your person, so much growing gets done in those monumental years. But they alive to tell the tale, and they look dang cute doing it 😉

By the end of planning together, we laughingly called my position the “Task Rabbit” and “Emotional Support Animal”; but considering the traveling involved, as well as the countless logistics and vendors in their wedding plan, this position I molded into – was a perfect fit for the puzzle piece they needed fulfilled.

Their wedding weekend was beautiful, and so full of love.  Spending time with their closest friends and family was a true honor – they were one of the happiest and liveliest crowds I’ve experienced in some time (let me tell ya).  There is such magic when two people have been together for so long; all friends and family are one in the same, and you can feel it.

I’m so honored to have been a part of their journey; the making of: THE ROBINSONS.

Photographer: @aseaoflove


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