July 15, 2022


Ah! My Katie and Ryan! Here we go!

Every engagement has a beautiful story and years of memories that came before that led to that moment – where he pops the question. But not every initial planner meeting has a “stand out story” worth repeating, but lucky enough – ours does. So thats where OUR story begins…

We first met on Zoom, and within our first moments talking, Katie asked “is that a Vance Joy shirt your wearing?”.  Why is this such a big deal you may ask?  Because they MET at a Vance Joy concert!  My very casual wear on the other end of the screen, made for a solid connection from the first moment. The t-shirt was kismet and gave them the assurance that the universe sent me to them to be the most fitting planner/spirit guide through the wild journey of wedding planning.  Throughout our process together, they constantly told me how much they trusted me fully with this wedding stuff – the feeling was mutual!

When there were weeks (maybe months) when they were quite busy experiencing the first-time home-buying process, I would check in to see if there was a pulse on the other end. Katie was continuously remind me, “ya whatever you think is best, we trust you!”

Katie and Ryan are easy-going, hip, and cool – you know, the kind of couple that meets at a rock n’ roll show.  My casual, classy yet enjoyable, cup of tea.  Their wedding day reflected all these amazing qualities about them and more – it was such an enjoyable evening for all their loved ones – nothing but smiles in every last photo.  Being such kind individuals that they are – really showed just how loved they are, with what surrounded them on that special day. I also just have to say how gorgeous Katie is, and how incredibly stunning she was in her wedding dress – a total dime piece. I can openly admit, I have never received more responses to Instagram from her wedding day. RECORD BREAKING I tell ya!

My goodness, I’m sad this one is over.  I love them, everyone loves them.  Looking forward to running into them the next time Vance Joy is in town; we can share a beer and relive the memories of their special day… and the day that a concert tee brought us together.

Design & Coordination: @alwaysallegra_

Venue: @belairbayclub

Photographer: @jennysmithandco_

Draping: @dashing_events

Dance Floor Rental: @rcddancefloors

DJ, Photobooth and Lighting: @secondsong_official

Floral Design:@primroseandpetals

Videography: @leiraproductions

Bridal Party Makeup: @madisonvailmakeup

Bride’s Makeup: @beautybychloe_

Hair: @hair_by_andiej & @hairbyruslan

Cake: @trishas_treats

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