High school sweethearts, Elyse and Wade met in PE Class in the 7th grade.  They have spent their entire adult lives in love, and I was excited for the opportunity to create a celebration worthy of their story.

Beautifully positioned on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway, their venue Bel-Air Bay Club, was love at first sight for Elyse & Wade.  They took one peek at the sprawling Mediterranean-style mansion with spectacular ocean views and booked without question. 

Elyse lost her amazing mom very suddenly, which ultimately inspired many details of the wedding.  Aesthetic was driven by Elyse’s preferences, with her mom in mind every step of the way, as if she was enjoying the planning process right alongside of us.  

We had tons of fun with design with this wedding.  Elyse’s mother was a poker-enthusiast, and as a nod to her favorite pastime we incorporated poker tables for both cocktail hour and reception, and even designed custom playing cards with the suits as our entrée indicators.  We created custom cocktail napkins with personal notes and facts shared by Elyse and Wade during the planning.  And, we designed specialty signage too, including: an homage to their 7th Grade PE class (where it all began), custom neon with their high school nicknames “Wadeo and Lecco” for their escort wall, and an antique mirror featuring a quote from their favorite TV show, The Office, in gold calligraphy on an antique mirror, “Webster’s dictionary defines wedding as ‘the fusing of two metals with a hot torch.’ Well, you know something? I think you guys are two medals. Gold medals.”  Guests LOVED the personal touches.

One of the most special moments of the reception, was Wade’s sister’s speech, who having been like a sister to Elyse for 20+ years, had a level of closeness with both the bride and groom that was beyond special, and rarely ever seen.

Elyse & Wade figured out what was most important to them, and what made them the unique pair that their friends and family have celebrated since they met in 7th grade, and put it all in the details. The level of intimacy, joy, and fun at this wedding was truly next to none.  My sincerest love and congratulations to Wadeo and Lecco!


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