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Bree & Scott 10/23/2021 Whiskey Reds Marina Del Rey, California I was lucky enough for Bree to find me through Facebook Marketplace: a comment and a tag was all it took… and Bree gave me a ring and we were booked in minutes! When I say that Bree is easy-going, I mean like, I didn’t […]

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There are so many questions that need to be answered around RSVPs. “When do I collect them?” “How do I collect them?” “How do I stay organized?” “Do I really have to collect each guests meal if I want a plated meal?” “When do I need all my guests answered by?” “Can I do a […]

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“Someone Actually Married My Brother” So here we have it, someone did it. Someone actually married my brother.  On a beautiful Friday in June, 83 friends and family traveled to beautiful Cabo San Lucas to celebrate, drink, and be very very merry. There is an element of novelty associated with being at a faraway destination with […]

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I’ve been blessed to be born into quite the last name. Allegra— a verb in the beautiful Italian language “to be happy” is a clear depiction of what I always strive to be. Someday, I believe I’ll get married and have the choice to change my last name. As I am confident I will decide to, I do know one thing is certain — I’ll always be Allegra.

Life could take me many directions, but one promise to myself is to always strive to be happy - with that, we have
Always Allegra.

Southern California wedding planner

Always Allegra...

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