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I met Danielle and Casey on Zoom, right after they booked their dream venue.  I was fortunate to spend the next year working with them and getting to know them too.   They are a local couple (from the Westside) and shared their love of traveling with me and even shared some tips for my future […]

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My favorite kind of referral is from/within a family I love.  About 5 years ago I planned a gorgeous wedding for my client turned friend Suzanne, and we have remained pals ever since.  Cut to my getting “the” call from her brother Peter and his fiancé Stephanie to talk about planning for their special day […]

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August 30, 2021 – an inquiry came through to Always Allegra Events titled “my wedding is a shitstorm”. I read the title and immediately just called the number associated with the inquiry – Mel picks up and gasps “I’m so glad you called – I need you!” At this given point, I do not know […]

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September 18, 2021 It feels just like yesterday, meeting Jenna at sorority recruitment during our freshman year of college and our little 18-year-old selves “preffing” the same house. Fate took a different turn, and we didn’t follow each other into the same house, but we remained good friends over the years.  My favorite memory of Jenna was sneaking […]

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I was absolutely overjoyed when Kori had asked me to be her wedding planner! I met Kori in my college days at California State University Northridge. We were a part of the same sorority, Delta Zeta, but we really connected and clicked when we started a bi-weekly coffee date where we would catch up and […]

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La Jolla, California I had a blast coordinating Chelsea and Brian’s beautiful winter wedding in La Jolla, CA. Chelsea and Brian were referred to me by my previous clients – Lauren and Patrick. Brian was a baseball player throughout college, and he and Patrick played together both at UCLA and in the Major Leagues, too. […]

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Lauren and Patrick’s wedding at Triunfo Creek in Agoura Hills, CA was the sentimental and special day we had all been waiting for. Lauren and Patrick are high school sweethearts, and had been together for ten years before deciding to tie the knot! Also, I will say that this day was all the more memorable […]

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“Someone Actually Married My Brother” So here we have it, someone did it. Someone actually married my brother.  On a beautiful Friday in June, 83 friends and family traveled to beautiful Cabo San Lucas to celebrate, drink, and be very very merry. There is an element of novelty associated with being at a faraway destination with […]

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a Tyni Fairy Tale My friendship with Megan began during our undergrad. I had the privilege of getting to know Megan through the world of being Delta Zeta presidents. Many nights, we would be up on the phone talking, elongating car rides so that we could continue our deep conversations and discussions of our shared […]

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Let’s go back to the beginning, shall we? Fall 2011… my “big sis” in the sorority world, told me about this guy she had a bit of a crush on. So in typical Krissy fashion, I immediately took it upon myself to grab her phone, call him up, briefly introduced myself, and let him know […]

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I’ve been blessed to be born into quite the last name. Allegra— a verb in the beautiful Italian language “to be happy” is a clear depiction of what I always strive to be. Someday, I believe I’ll get married and have the choice to change my last name. As I am confident I will decide to, I do know one thing is certain — I’ll always be Allegra.

Life could take me many directions, but one promise to myself is to always strive to be happy - with that, we have
Always Allegra.

Southern California wedding planner

Always Allegra...

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